Welcome Transmen,

Many of you (though not all) have lived part of your life identified as a lesbian.
For some transmen, there has never geen a real "fit" in the lesbian community.
Even so, many of you have experienced a sense of loss upon transitioning and
losing your place in "women only space". I have extensive experience working with transmen
in all stages of coming out. I am versed in the nuances of gender identity,
sexual identity and the politics of feminism and identity as a trans man.
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for more info on gender identity.

Some of the issues that clients struggle with are common to cis men such as:

Developing security in masculinity
Body Image and Self Esteem
Intimacy and Emotional Vulnerability

Trans guys also deal with issues such as....

Stressors associated with coming out, marginalization and discrimination within the LGBT community
Relationship Negotiation with partners-boundaries, sexuality and identity (loss of lesbian classification)
Self Acceptance
Heteronormativity, sexism, and internalized transphobia
Sexual Orientation exploration (questioning sexuality upon transition)
Shame, depression and anxiety associated with stigma, violence, bullying, abuse associated with transness
Making a living while being your authentic self

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