Lesbian Affirming Therapy

A Lesbian Affirming Therapist

As a therapist, I work from a humanistic, feminist and lesbian affirming perspective. I draw on a both traditional psychotherapy models as well as experiential techniques to build a therapeutic environment for each of my clients based upon their individual needs and goals. I am committed to working with you, to build on your strengths and to helping you identify and achieve your life goals.

Each person has unique and individual journey that has brought them to the questions that they wrestle with today. Each person comes into their identity in their own way and depending upon where you are in your journey, we take up the work with sensitivity to your particular concerns, conflicts and goal s .

Finding an affirming therapist matters.

Lesbians, Gay Men, Bisexual and Transgendered and Queer identified people benefit most from a therapist who is informed and affirming LGBTQ identity and relationships. As oppressed sexual minorities, LGBT people experience minority stress which impacts our mental health, our relationships and our self esteem.
Outcomes of therapy improve when working with a therapist who has the training and skills to approach therapy with an affirming perspective on LGBT identity.

Affirming you as an LGBT person means that:

  • You are in the best possible position to define yourself.
  • You are entitled to explore your identity and sexuality
  • supporting your coming out process at a pace that is healthy for you
  • exploring the intersection between culture, ethnicity, family of origin and sexuality/gen der
Working from an affirming perspective in therapy means that:
  • we look at your current life struggle or symptom through the lens of your identity development as an LGBT personin addition to other models such as Family Systems, Psychodynamic, Attachment and Cognitive/Behavioral
  • assisting you in reducing any shame or stigmatizing beliefs associated with your identity
  • we draw together on your strengths and assets as a human being; not just your "problems"
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How Do I Find an LGBT Affirming Therapist?

A great place to begin your search is your local LGBT Center. You can also check these searchable data bases for a listing in your area:

Southern California

The Lesbian and Gay Psychotherapy Association

Northern California
The Gay and Lesbian and Transgender Association

Nationwide Listings
Psychology Today

For More Information on LGBT Affirmative Therapy and Training :

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